Application Tracking System for Employment Agencies

Rather than toiling with spreadsheets or being limited by stand-alone business software, choose the EzyAppTrack.

EzyAppTrack – Application Tracking System

The different features in EzyAppTrack’s Application Tracking System are:

  • Job Order management
  • Applicant Management
  • Agent Management
  • Project Management and Tracking
  • Application Followup
  • User management with access control feature
  • Grant limited access to agents
  • Reporting / Forecasting
  • Document management

EzyAppTask (simplified and extendable Recruitment Management System)

The ROI of the implementation of EzyAppTrack

The return on investment does not just imply financial gain. Of course there are financial gains in the long run, but, there are other ways of realising a significant return on investment:

  • Streamlined processes – existing processes are streamlined appropriately due to proper flow in data across departments
  • Data consistency – streamlined processes, and the use of a single database to host and manage information, results in consistency of data across the organisation. There is no need for every department to store data separately
  • Increased transparency – a unique identifier for every order helps departments know the status of the order well in advance. This results in transparency across the organisation and helps individual process managers plan in advance.(EzyAppTrack Allows to you check data any where any time)
  • Reduced waiting time – Applicants and agents don’t have to wait for days to know whats happening with their application

All of these points help to smooth processes across the organisation, which improves productivity, and in turn results in timely and consistent delivery.Consistency in operations and delivery will also improve the credibility of the organisation in the market and help it become more profitable in the long run.

Step by step guide to Applicant Tracking with EzyAppTrack