SAP Business One Starter Package

Rather than toiling with spreadsheets or being limited by stand-alone business software, choose the SAP Business One Starter Package. Gain instant visibility and control while establishing an integrated software foundation to manage your business and support your evolving business needs.

Maybe you’ve heard about the great things SAP software can do to help companies run better, leaner, and smarter. Not just big companies, but companies of all sizes. In fact, over 77% of SAP’s customers are small to midsize businesses like yours. Now, with the introduction of the SAP Business One Starter Package for the SAP Business One solution, SAP has brought comprehensive business management software within reach of a broad range of small companies.

The SAP Business One Starter Package provides a version of the industry-proven SAP Business One application with the best features for small businesses, offered at a reduced price. The software is ideal for companies that need more than standard accounting or non-integrated business software and understand the benefits of a fully integrated business management solution.

The SAP Business One Starter Package addresses your fundamental business requirements with basic finance, sales, purchasing, CRM, and inventory functionality. This functional scope is particularly suited for companies in the wholesale distribution, high-value-item retail, and light professional services industries. It’s available for all countries and languages supported by the SAP Business One solution, and is offered as a pre-packaged solution for specific countries. The table compares functionality between the starter package and the full version of SAP Business One.

SAP Business One St


What to Expect When You’re Ready to Get Started

When you’re ready to work with an SAP Business One Partner to implement the SAP Business One Starter Package, here’s what you can expect. Depending on the scope of the project, the SAP Business One Starter Package can be implemented within 10 to 15 days with the basic configuration and data import from your legacy software. Before getting started, your partner will provide an implementation framework that outlines these four main elements:

  • SAP Business One Starter Package scope document
  • SAP Business One Starter Package implementation plan
  • Predefined implementation work packages
  • Preconfigured content

SAP Business One Starter Package Scope Document

In the scope document, or solution map, you’ll see an overview of the business process functionality addressed by the software, as well as an overview of the implementation tasks and activities.

SAP Business One Starter Package Implementation Plan

The implementation plan provides structure and documents the tasks and activities that take place during the implementation. It includes project management and implementation baselines and defines the roles and responsibilities of parties involved.

Predefined Implementation Work Packages

To install your software as efficiently as possible, Bluekey will use work packages that define all the tasks that must be completed during the implementation. These implementation tasks are divided into tasks for the consultant and tasks you can do yourself, supported by the end-user documentation of the SAP Business One Starter Package.

Preconfigured Content

Your partner offers a localized template as part of the starter package that can be used to jump-start your standardized implementation.

End-User Documentation

As part of the SAP Business One Starter Package, end-user documentation is included to help minimize training. This documentation includes product help files, standardized work instructions, and Flash-based demos for key business process and implementation tasks.