WordPress runs 32% of the entire internet
With more than 17 years in the web design and development business, Orbit has the time-tested expertise to build your new site.

And with more than 1.5 billion customizations available, it’s easy to see why people trust WordPress more than any other content management system on the web. Let us help you sort through those customizations and create a site that works best for your client needs.


Website Support Services

Does My Website Need Support? Why?

Do you have a website for your business? Most likely the answer is going to yes, because rarely these days is a business without a website of its own that customers can come to. Your website is the only connector to your company, and it is not regularly maintained and looked after, eventually problems are going to come up. Competition in the online world is tough, and if your website is not up to the standards of the competition, it’s not going to be long before your business quickly gets left behind.

Which is why you need website support services. A website needs to be on top of its game if it hopes to rank highly on search engines, and therefore, you need to maximize your website’s return on investment. Having a reliable website support service will help quickly and efficiently resolve your website’s technical issues to get your website up, running and back on track.

SMAKINTEL provides subscription-based website support services that assists your WordPress related issues, especially the ones that crop up at the last minute.

Always keep your website running effectively with SMAKINTEL’s website support services.

Custom Web Programming using PHP

SMAKINTEL is a PHP web development company which is definitely a full stop solution for all the IT development needs where you can find web developers for hire. Our team of super skilled developers is capable to serve you with all kinds of your needs:

Office 365.

Right on the money

Work from anywhere

IT Desktop Support Services

At IT Solution, our highly qualified IT support professionals deliver timely, reliable, and expert services, allowing customers to be closely aligned with their needs and resources. We provide a wide spectrum of computer support solutions, including office network support services, software support services, hardware support services, pc repair and system maintenance that is critical in keeping business running smoothly and preventing disruptions.

On Site Desktop Managed Services
Our engineers will go to your location and resolve all technical issues, including all hardware installations, software installations, configurations, IT server support, computer technical support, printer, copier installation and support, faxing solutions and many more. Our IT outsource managed services help companies to reduce in operational costs as hiring a full-time tech support staff is not required to manage the IT resources.

Remote IT Desktop Support Services
We offer remote IT support online, whether your machine is in office, home, hotel or anywhere, our professional remote IT support tools can quickly resolve most issues, either back-end or interactively with the user. Our virtual office support services are designed to provide your business with full control and manage your IT infrastructure and network resources to improve IT infrastructure up-time and productivity, while reducing operational costs at the same time.

Using our back office support services and online IT support services, we can remotely manage your network and proactively resolve issues. In cases where remote support are unable to resolve the issue, we will provide on-site services.

Phone IT Desktop Support Services
Our engineers are available individually for phone support at any time. Rest assured, you will generally speak to the same engineer assigned to your account. This personable approach will help to develop strong customer relationship and provide a secure and fast way to ensure your IT resources operate efficiently.

These services help in speeding resolution of all complaints and problems pertaining to your IT infrastructure. Our support tech and customer service provide seamless accessibility and smooth running of IT infrastructure, at the same time enhancing user-experience, which is extremely important for business growth.